Sales Process & Rules
  1. The Entry Process:
    • Step 1. Register to be a sales representative at Pet Registration
    • Step 2. Login to your sales account at Sales Login
    • Step 3. Register each pet sponsor, pet organization, or pet location
    • You must have the pet sponsor's or organization's paypal account, address, email, and phone
    • If you encounter any problems or have a question please contact our tech support staff at <> and we will assist you.
  2. How this works:
    When you register and sign up pet sponsors/organizations for our pet competitions, you will receive 15% of the money received from all entries that your sponsors gets. The sponsor will also receive 15% of all money received from all entries they bring in.
  3. For Example:
    After you register and have signed up 3 pet sponsors like (SPCA in town X, Humaine Society in city Y, and Pet Shop online Z). When a competition is over and each sponsor has contest entries that has pulled in the following:

    SPCA in town X = $250
    Humaine Society in city Y = $200
    Pet Shop online Z = $100
    You will get deposited into your paypal account = $82.50

    Also each of the spoonsors will receive the following
    SPCA in town X = $37.50
    Humaine Society in city Y = $30.00
    Pet Shop online Z = $15.00
    The more advertising that you do to help your sponsor, the more contest entries they will receive, and the more money you will receive in your paypal account.
    Please remember for every monthly contest that ends, if your sponsor receives entries you will receive money.
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